How to become a successful Blogger?

What does it take to become a successful Blogger? Answer: Money.


Autonomous Family.


Then what?

Your question’s simple answer is: Only Dedication and Passion.

Blogging is the most prominent career in these days. There are many videos related to Blogging on YouTube.

People get inspired from these videos and start their Blog with a passion, but then they close it after some time. Why? Because they didn’t start it with passion and hard work, so Blog didn’t get any views and traffic.

You needs more hard work, research and working hours then you can do Blogging. I also did the same mistake.

Initially I didn’t knew about it. What’s the Niche? How to create Domain name? Why it is so important to buy a web hosting? How to pick a theme? What are Plugins? What are Keywords? What to write and how to write?

These were things that I wasn’t familiar with. But now, now I know it’s not an easy process, you have to be passionate. I watched those videos on You Tube which gave actual knowledge about how to start a Blog. Since thousands of people have told a lot about this topic on You Tube. But choose the right one which is according to your interest.

So we’re thinking about start a Blog. But don’t know how to start it. I just want to say if you’re actually serious and want to start a Blog then you have to do it. Don’t think too much just start it. You should make your Blog on whichever platform you like the most.

BTW, let me tell you a secret that a successful Blogger can become the one who has fond of reading books as well as fond of writing.

Before you wanna start a Blog, you have to ask some questions to yourself. Why I wanna be a Blogger? Am I much passionate about it? Am I creating the Blog to earn money? Will my business grow with it?

Once you’re pretty much sure about to start a Blog, then you can start it. There are some few tips which I’m gonna share with all of you:

  1. Find a Niche: Before you start a Blog, you have to find a Niche which is the most important or you can say it the first thing of your Blog. Without any Niche, the reader won’t be able to decide about the Blog. Choose a topic in which your interest the most. And everyone says that do the work which is of your interest.
  2. Create a Domain Name and Web Hosting: If someone wants to come to your home, you will tell your address to that person, right? Just like the domain name is also an address of your Blog. After creating domain name, set up a good Web hosting for your Blog.
  3. Content of the Blog: Well you’ve created your Blog with right Niche and you’ve also give it a unique domain. Then what’s next, which is content. Content is the one which you write in your blog must be precise and powerful. Content should be in simple language so that everyone can understand, even a five years old Kid. The Content should be in a way that the readers stick to it till end, they have available all the material that they are looking for in your Content.
  4. Be a Learner: Don’t ever think that you know everything. Just say to yourself that I’m still a learner. You have to read a lot before writing. You have to search more on topics. By it increase your knowledge. Mostly bloggers have shared that they always reading something.
  5. Engage with Audience: The most important thing is for a Blog to engage with the audience/readers. If you know about the need, passion of your readers then you won’t have any problem to write new articles. Readers will come again and again to find new things. Actually readers always come to the Blog to find solution of their problem. Let them commenting on your Blog. So that you will know how much more you need to improve.
  6. Be Consistent: Consistency is must for a successful Blogger. Don’t ever think about profit, be focus on your work. Make a routine then do your work according to it.
  7. Don’t think much about Negative Commenting: If readers comment negatively on any of your post, don’t be afraid and never put away yourself from your Blog, take it as a challenge.
  8. Proofreading: Mostly new Bloggers make this mistake that after writing an article they publish it immediately before reading it again which is not right. Before writing any post, definitely proofread it.

So these are some points, I’ve shared with you. I hope you’ll like it. Please let me know in comment section, guys.




I'm a Freelance Content Writer. Writing is my passion. I can write in different niches. Coffee Lover. Nature Lover.

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Misha N

Misha N

I'm a Freelance Content Writer. Writing is my passion. I can write in different niches. Coffee Lover. Nature Lover.

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