The Relationship between Food and Family

Because bonding is a must among family

Misha Naraniya
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We all know why family is so important to us. And family is important so obviously, a family meal is equally important. Our family members are most important to us — the ones who accept us unconditionally and are essentially non-judgmental — or at least love us regardless of judging us..

All families take three meals every day that are most important for our body: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I always take my every meal with my family and it’s my daily routine. Because taking meals with family makes strong bonding and healthy relationships.

Here I’m telling about the benefits while having every meal together with family:

Better Eating Habits-

In today’s time everyone is so busy in their work even while living together, there is no time to sit with family. Kids are busy always in their phones, laptops, and TVs. By this they do not take meal with comfortably.

When kids have their meal with family their eating habits improve. A strong family unit takes care of our basic need to belong, and our meal that is so important and strengthens our capacity to be individuals in our own right and take considered decisions.

Prevention of Mental Health Problem-

But today this bonding is fading out, because nowadays, the trend of NUCLEAR FAMILY is growing. Like before, the affinity is no longer in relationships. Everyone has to live solitary. We need to belong almost as much as we need food and water.

It’s a parent’s responsibility if their children want to eat alone then they should not give this permission. Children are at their most vulnerable because their need for acceptance is so much deeper, unable to stand on their own as they are.

Overcome from Overweight-

If children do not eat with their parents they they intake only unhealthy food e.g. colas, chips, burger, pizza, fried food. This can increase their weight.

And in front of T.V. they usually eat these kinds of food.

Every time they demand these foods and parents buy for them.

So it’s a Parents responsibility to keep an eye of their kids. What they are eating or what not?

Parents play an important role in encouraging their children to eat a variety of healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables, and limiting the intake of sugary foods and beverages.

Self-respect increases-

The first ever relationship a child has with parents and family. They protect him, discipline him and cater to his needs. It is within the family structure that a child learns how to deal with the outer world.

Family is the greatest prop for them at this stage.

Better Communication Skills-

When we intake our meal with others, we know about each other’s likes or dislikes and this saves our money and time, when we prepare our meal at home.

In a family structure, we learn to communicate effectively, to support and make time for each other, and build positive relationships. And when we take our every meal with our family then we will learn how to communicate with others and also what is the meaning of love.

We learn new skills like how to make cooking, ingredients that are in food, nutrition and taste of food.

Summing Up

In this article, I have told about effective methods of relationships between families. A family can be called a family only when all the family members live together, take care of each other and eat with each other, then only a strong bond is formed between the family members.



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