What’s trending in the festive season?

As Festivals are Part of Life

Photo by Suchandra Roy Chowdhury on Unsplash

Because it is the time of the festive season and everyone is intimated in the colors of celebration. “The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate,” says Oprah Winfrey. Festivals give meaning and order to our personal lives. If you are buying clothes, or making a special dish that you share with others, you start a cycle of joy and activities. All kinds of festivals give us immense enthusiasm to celebrate them every time. I love shopping, decorating my house, making myself and my family feel special. People look for small opportunities to bring their family and friends together and have a good time. Mass celebration leads to higher energy to deal with life’s obstacles. You can celebrate with yourself, you can celebrate with others — you change your vibration energy from low to high.

Preparations are in full swing, because everyone wants to celebrate the festival with great pomp and show.

In this article I’m sharing some tips to decor home so that once again you will be a talk of town among your guests:-

1. It’s that time of the year again when you staring at your walls, curtains, sitting on your sofa and eyeing that cushion and thinking: it’s time for a change. It’s time to bring out your investment pieces or new art. Make sure the painting should be eye catchy. A tall mirror can give a new dimension to the space of the home. If you are painting your home before the festive push, first decide on the colour scheme and then go for it.

2. If you are looking to update your sofa, don’t wait. After all, a well-made sofa will last you forever and it is the simplest way to update a room. If you’ve some old zari sarees, silk sarees you can stitch them in your cushion covers, sofa covers, table cover, curtains whatever you want to decor your home. It gives a chic look to home. Cushions added to colour contrast and are key accessories along with a tall ficus potted plant in a corner make your entertainment area warm and cozy.

3. Getting arty is the funky way to do up your home this season. Use artwork to bring colour to every corner. This is the time to get funky and quirky with your festive decor. Buntings in assorted shapes and colours, DIY coasters, hand-painted photo frames, handmade floral wooden chandeliers. Everyone has their own sense of style and taste according to needs to your space.

4. A finished wall can instantly change the look of a room. Wallpapers are available in abundance at every cost. Textures have become more organic, Eco-friendly and natural.

5. Use a sculpture to accent your home. Festive sculpture make the home look inviting, but don’t pick oversized. Go for golden light yet focusing on simplistic. Global shades with minimalist shapes are in. Traditional chandeliers with multiple pendants are in trend. Brass lamps also in and swanky floor lamps give a vertical dimension to a room.

6. Coordinate colour palettes when it comes to furniture, upholstery, carpet or rug with the wall. Flooring can be cheap and chic with plain jute dhurries with a broad white border stitched onto it. Cover the entire floor with different rugs.

7. Flowering is the best thing to keep in the festive season. They’ve fragrance, organic colours by which we feel enthusiasm in our life. I like to make Rangoli with flowers at my home. They bring in a breath of positive energy into the house.

8. There are many of bandarwals, traditional torans that give a traditional look to home. They’re auspicious and if you want some Feng shui then go for wind chimes. Both of these combinations will give a perfect look to home.

9. A full bar and decent music system is all need for night-time entertaining. Use clusters of different candle stands, glasses in different sizes, shapes and heights and strew them across wild flowers and greens. Table lamps, wall and ceiling lights with dimmers and candles with mogras will light up in the night.

10. The dinner table is dressed up in a fun way with pattern and colour and with flower arrangements. To decorating a table pick a center art piece, designer cutlery and some hot colours. Candles are foster feelings of happiness and calmness, keep an eye at it. This season festive fragrances are: mogra, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, with some essential oil.



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