Why is Rangoli auspicious on any Occasion?

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In Hinduism Rangoli is considered auspicious while making on the courtyard or door of the home. It is connected with prosperity and happiness in the family. So this is reason that women make Rangoli on Diwali, Onam, Pongal, Sankranthi and other festivals.

But the importance of Rangoli is not only on the Religious or decoration level, but also it has on the scientific level.

It is the part of Indian festivities, a colourful and traditional art which is made with great enthusiasm.

I myself love to make Rangoli so much. It gives me some kind of enthusiasm which I can’t tell in words. I love colours. These colours give me a positive energy. And the fragrance of flowers when I inhale then my mind becomes fresh and I feel enthusiasm to celebrate the festival with great joy.

Rangoli keeps an important place in whole India. Rangoli is called by different names in different states. As in West Bengal it is called “Alpana”, in Odisha ii is called “murja”, in Chhattisgarh it is termed as “Chawkpurana”, in Andhra Pradesh it is called “Muggul”, in Tamil Nadu is it termed as “Kolam” and in Rajasthan it is called “Mandna”.

Hence, making a Rangoli is not just an art but is has various scientific reasons which plays a significant role in each person’s life.

Today I’m gonna sharing some scientific benefits of making Rangoli:

  1. While you making Rangoli you feel positivity within your mind. And when you feel positive your anxiety becomes disappear.
  2. While making Rangoli your finger and thumb together form a Gyanmudra which helps in make your brain energetic and active as well as plays an important role in intellectual development.
  3. Science has also believe on the positive effect of colours. When you come in contact with colours then energy emitted from them affects on you, by this various mental and physical problems can be curated.
  4. Rangoli when made by different colours and flowers infuses positive energy in your home by which environment of the home extremely positive and mind becomes calm and happy.
  5. While making Rangoli your focus is on to it which also helps you to focus further.
  6. In Tamil Nadu women wake up early in the morning to make Kolam before sunrise which makes them healthy and wise. Ans also boost their spiritual energy.

How to make Rangoli?

  • First of all choose what kind of design you want to make — there are various shapes and sizes of Rangoli you can make be it geometrical, flowery design, peacock design, round shaped and many more. Choose wisely then apply.
  • First make an outline with the use of pencil on the floor. Because this will give you an idea on how big you want to make a Rangoli.
  • Now it is the time to make a beautiful design with the help of colours and flowers. Make sure the use of fingers and thumb carefully so that you Rangoli is not be messy.

What Ingredients you need?

  • Rangoli Powder
  • Colourful Flower Petals
  • Colourful Raw Rice
  • Rice Powder
  • Colourful Chalk
  • Khadiya and Geru

Spiritual Significance of Rangoli

  • The lines forms usually drawn in the Rangoli to boost the emotion of spirituality.
  • The lotus forms that are drawn are known for energy evoking.
  • The square shaped designs that are drawn are known for bliss in humans.

Final thoughts:

The colours used in Rangoli has a symbol of progress, greenery, happiness, love, prosperity and peace. Rangoli is made up in the whole country. It has different shapes, sizes and textures but the importance is the same — which is spreading happiness everywhere.




I'm a Freelance Content Writer. Writing is my passion. I can write in different niches. Coffee Lover. Nature Lover.

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Misha N

Misha N

I'm a Freelance Content Writer. Writing is my passion. I can write in different niches. Coffee Lover. Nature Lover.

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