Women on Solo Trip

Due to Covid-19, the traveling agencies fails to recover. They are still facing the challenge.

But I’m telling you about pre-covid-19 era when everything was quite fine. When there was no mask, no sanitizer and no social distancing. People were meet to each other with warmth.

In that time women also used to prefer to go on solo trip. I did also do solo trip. I must say that it was quite interesting. It’s not that risky as we assume. Today women are independent, they can do whatever they want and solo trip is one of them.

Your heart is saying to you that let’s go for a trip. And if you are alone so then. Worried something might happen? Nervous!!! Let the nervousness behind and make a plan, bag pack and go. Go for solo trip and explore the world and show the world that does not matter to you if you are alone.

In today there are millions of women who do traveling alone, fun at the sea, do water-surfing, cross the mountains and enjoy the views of nature. Meet to several people, buy famous items of that particular places so that they can be reminiscent of going there. Taking photos, update them on social networking sites and enjoying various types of cuisines.

If you don’t believe that consider into this. Some couple of years back a travel company had done survey on women who traveling alone. There were interesting things in it. Got to know that where 37% women were traveling in 2013. This number had been increasing to 41% in 2014 and now this has been gone to 50% — 60%. A big reason is behind that is girls in the cities are being independent. For their expenses they don’t need to take money from anyone.

This travel company had told the several reasons behind doing solo trip girls they told that they wanted to go their desired places. They want to exploring places and don’t want to tolerant anyone’s interference in it. Now there is also available convenient transportation according to your pocket. You can book your transport, hotel, taxis etc. easily with various traveling sites.

Rashmi gururaja, Dr. Soumya gopinath and Nidhi tiwari traveled in year 2015 to fulfill their dream of traveling of 17 countries in 97 days and also spreading the message of women empowerment. During this they traveled 21,477 km. The main thing is that they did not take any flights or train on the whole trip. They completed this trip by car and that was drive by Nidhi.

Some years back a movie Queen also based on this concept. Kangana Ranaut played lead character in this movie.

Women who traveling alone also make friends and groups so that they can do help each other when need. Many times when women are asked that this time they go on trip alone, next time also they will be trip alone same so they respond happily, “yes”. “Of course”. Rather traveling alone, their perspective of seeing life has changed. They also say although taking decision to travel alone is not so easy. First of all, resist of family members. After that relatives, friends, colleagues as know about the decision, do questions. Whose with you are going? And when they get to know that going alone to unknown places then do start various types of questions. But when you return happily then all get surprised.

Next question starts with doubt on self that when there are so many difficulties in going alone, have so much trouble, when there is so much worry about security, why it is important to go alone? If you have problems then there will also solutions. When you are alone at the unknown place, nobody doesn’t know you and your designation then your self-confidence and kind-nature come in handy.

Travel Yogi Company teaches a variety of Yoga to travelers from all over the world during the journey. Company says that by this enhance the enjoyment of trip. Jennifer, the founder of Travel Company says that the people who come here to visit alone, 85% women are among them. Jennifer says that the people who come here to visit alone, 85% women are among them. This company also gives vegetarian food to travellers.

Famous travel writer Christine writes much for women who travel alone. Christine has been investment banker. Christine says that women who want to traveling solo but have so much questions about it in their mind.

When after everything will be fine then women will do start their solo trip again. I know they would’ve made a lots of plan in this lock-down. Now even if Coronavirus has stopped their wings from flying but not their courage.

They will rise and fly and make this world theirs.




I'm a Freelance Content Writer. Writing is my passion. I can write in different niches. Coffee Lover. Nature Lover.

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Misha N

Misha N

I'm a Freelance Content Writer. Writing is my passion. I can write in different niches. Coffee Lover. Nature Lover.

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